Price list

Below are examples of singular charges that contain value added tax. These examples apply to the amount of work and quality as well as the benefits value and meaning as simple type cases.

Private individualsincludes VAT 24%
Testament350,00 Euros
Prenuptial250,00 Euros
Estate inventory1240,00 Euros
Real estate sales contract700,00 Euros
Other sales contract e.g. apartment500,00 Euros
Partition agreement1000,00 Euros
Hourly charge272,80 Euros
For Businessesincludes VAT 0%
Business set up700,00 Euros
Bankruptcy application700,00 Euros
Business restructuring3500,00 Euros
Hourly charge230,00 Euros

The revision price for the contracts below (VAT 0%) with written comments for businesses and private individuals 500,00 Euros, 2 contracts 750,00 Euros. The drawing up of the contracts below with businesses/individuals interests in mind 900,00 Euros, 2 contracts 1300,00 Euros. English contracts + 25%

– Rental contract
– Employment contract
– Notification of denunciation/ Contact dissolving employment
– Confidentiality agreement (NDA)
– Non-compete agreement
– Partnership agreement
– Managers contract
– Resale contract
– Agent contract
– Licence agreement
– Subcontractor agreement
– Terms of use/Registry explanation (web portal)
– Sales contract B2B

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